ANP responds to Matt Hancock “prevention is better than cure”

The ANP was delighted to note that Matt Hancock’s view for the National Health System is prevention focused.

ANP request that Mr Hancock to not forget or exclude the very powerful impacts of good nutrition, behaviours and herbs that can change the work that can be implemented before diagnosis. 

ANP is concerned that there is the hint of a potential over reliance on technology to do the work of health. Early diagnosis via technology is extremely welcomed, particularly if it is non invasive and painless. 

Prevention means that diagnosis (early or otherwise) should not be needed, and the need for medical intervention is radically reduced. As a nation we now collectively accept that it is better to not smoke, for example, than to smoke, better to brush your teeth and avoid tooth decay, than to not. It is also better to prevent obesity, diabetes and other preventable health conditions than to not, to facilitate that prevention with the right services and information than to not. 

ANP is very happy to facilitate further discussion and ideas with any organisation or group who would like to learn more about the powerful impact of foods and herbs on health.  

By Tegan Philp