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Nutrigenomics: Diet and DNA

  • 17 May 2018
  • 19:30 - 21:30
  • London


A presentation on why and how to use DNA testing in practice, including considerations when choosing a test; and how to analyse and interpret results - starting with single genes and SNPs that affect specific food and micronutrients and quickly building up to more complex, and interesting, biochemical pathway analysis.
We will discuss the need to join the dots and need to consider the interconnectedness of genes with other genes, cofactors and inhibitors across systems.
Discover how DNA testing can reveal the root causes of stress-related disorders, depression, anxiety and insomnia and, most importantly, how to resolve them.
We will explain how a person's unique genetic code can affect their mood, motivation, mental clarity, happiness, sleep .... and the power of nutrigenomics to achieve mental health and happiness.
About the speakers
Emma Beswick is a graduate of CNM, registered nutritional therapist and founder of Lifecode Gx Ltd.
Lifecode Gx provides genetic testing, analysis and training for health professionals.Their founding team of nutritional therapists and geneticists translate genetic data into actionable, relevant information to enable practitioners and clients to achieve optimal health.
Email: info@theanp.co.uk   Phone: 020 3319 9315

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