Working with suppressed immunity

  • 10 Oct 2019
  • 18:30 - 20:30
  • London, CNM, 25 Percy Circus, London, WC1X 9EU


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Working with suppressed immunity

by Juliet Hayward 

Clients that are suffering from Cancer, Lyme and Chronic Fatigue will often have a compromised immune system and very suppressed CD3, CD56 and CD57 levels. To improve the amount of natural killer cells in a client that needs to mount a stronger immune response, a blend of several approaches is often the most effective and it is this multifactorial approach that I will be explaining in my lecture. These protocols include the use of supplements, BioBran, fish peptides, Pro Knox, Far Infrared, infusions, colonics,  hyperbaric oxygen therapies and customised anti-oxidant blends.  

About Juliet Hayward

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Juliet Hayward studied under Barbara Wren at the College of Natural Nutrition. She originally worked at the Nutri Centre as a nutritional therapist, where she set up a helpline for practitioners and customers, back in 2000. She now works in private practice, supporting patients suffering from Cancer, Lyme disease, Autism, ME, MS and other chronic diseases. She currently does consultancy work and lecturing for the specialist supplement company, The Really Healthy Company.