Assessing longevity with nutrigenomics Emma Beswick

  • 15 Oct 2020
  • 18:30 - 20:30
  • Manchester. 6 Mount St, Manchester M2 5NS



Assessing longevity with nutrigenomics

We are living longer but not necessarily healthier lives. Whilst there are many theories of ageing it is clear that both genetic & environmental (diet, lifestyle, psychological, social) factors have a vital part to play.

The more our environment is out of sync with our genes the greater the risk of disease due to DNA damage, inflammation, immune dysregulation, oxidative and metabolic stressors.

Learning Outcomes

What we can learn from the genetics and lifestyle factors of the longest lived individuals.

How nutrigenomics can enable personalised nutrition and lifestyle to support synchronicity between genes and environment for successful health span and longevity

About the Speaker;

Emma Beswick MBA, BSc Hons, NT (Dip) is a nutritional therapist specialising in functional genomics and nutrigenomics. She is the CEO of Lifecode Gx the leading provider of nutrigenomics testing, analysis, and education to health professionals.