On Demand

Using the Omega-3 Index to Evaluate Inflammation 

By Kristina Harris Jackson

This webinar will discuss the clinical applications of the Omega-3 Index.

This webinar will discuss the implications of metabolic endotoxemia, how to identify it, and how to address it.

9th June – 6:30pm

Viruses and their multisystem impact: testing, tracking and therapy

By Dr Armin Schwarzbach

This webinar will discuss the impact of viruses on neurological, cardiac, intestinal, and mitochondrial systems as well as testing and therapeutic interventions for viral infections.

23rd June – 6:30pm

Defining Food Intolerance and Food Sensitivity

By Dr Nigel Abraham

This webinar will discuss food sensitivity testing and the use of elimination diets in integrative medicine practice.

7th July – 6:30pm

Nutrition for Female Hormonal Imbalances

by Sarah Sharpe

This webinar will discuss the female hormone pathways and the impacting factors as well as therapeutic interventions to restore hormonal balance.

8th September – 6:30pm

The Link between Food Intolerances and Thyroid Health

Details TBC

Details TBC