What I learned on my journey as a naturopath with Kirsty Lander

What inspired you to become a naturopath?  

When I was in my 20’s I was starting to have a few health issues and got frustrated when all the specialist could suggest was going on medication.  I intuitively knew there was more and there were other ways.  This was at a time the internet was in its infancy,  so very little information was available.  After living in Asia,   I started to get lots of health issues and deep down I knew that it didn’t have to be like that. I then decided to study naturopathy as I was looking for a career change and had always been drawn to natural medicine.  Even though I had never seen a naturopath before, I decided naturopathy was for me and went to Australia to study it.  

The incredible stress of moving country, working 3 jobs and studying full time with no financial support made my symptoms worse,  ultimately  I ended up with CFS.   I knew something had to change.  I was eating well but my health and wellbeing was not in a good way.  

Eventually, I started to see energy healers.  After my first experience was with a kinesiologist, I decided, to study kinesiology.  I then returned back to the UK and started to feel better as I was living a less stressful lifestyle.  I then discovered BodyTalk.  Again, I decided to study it without even having a session, but I just knew I would love it.  And I was right!  It was great, it really helped me get over the chronic fatigue (along with moving back to the UK)  After a very powerful healing, I finally began feeling well again after 10 years.  But then, 2 weeks later I broke my ankle.  I knew that this was no coincidence and this kind of thing did not happen to me.  Something was wrong somewhere.  This led me deeper into my background in spiritual teachings, psychology  and the teachings of law of attraction, which I diligently studied.  I realised it was my thought processes all along that had led to the emotional state which led to the physical manifestation of the conditions. Simply put, I was out of alignment with my soul.  

Nowadays, my practice includes all aspects of everything I have studied and learnt along the way (such as naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, energy healing modalities etc.  The combination of naturopathy with energy healing and mindset work is highly effective.  Shifting unhelpful thought patterns, behaviours, belief systems and soul alignment is fundamental to healing.  I find that working in the quantum field and channelling can provide powerful results for those open to it.

Did you use natural medicine to help you with your own health journey? 

Oh yes!! I’ve used so many modalities along the way.  All have their value.  It’s about finding the ones that you resonate with. For me, good nutrition, herbal medicine and energy practices are the fundamentals.

How did you set up your practise?  

I started working as a naturopath as an employee in a clinic in Australia, which was a great way to build up confidence and experience. I remember the business side of setting up practice felt overwhelming at first. When I came back to the UK, I was staying with my folks and still  lecturing online for the Natural Therapies college in Australia,  so that gave me the luxury of building a practice very slowly with low risk.  I knew the way I work (Using naturopathy and energy healing) would take some time to build  a practice.  At the time, it was not so well known here.  Thankfully it is getting more popular due to the internet!   I started out by renting rooms from clinics by the hour and turned my parents dining room into a clinic room.   Since COVID,  I am working much less face to face and seeing more clients on Zoom.  COVID has revolutionised how we work.  For me, Zoom is just as effective as seeing people in person. However, I understand it when people prefer in person appointments.   Now, I have my own clinic room in Lewes, Sussex and practice in London on Saturdays. In the beginning,  I built my own website to save costs and joined a business networking group to understand more about the business world.   Coaching is another thing that can help, although I have only ever done this in a group scenario. 

What marketing strategies did you use to grow your practice?  

I tried everything at first!  Letterbox leaflet drops, MBS fayres, FB, an advert in a local magazine. I found online, through my website or by joining a natural therapies directory are the best ways for me.  Be really clear on your website about how you practice, how you can help people with their issues, your philosophy etc.  A lot of marketing is about being in alignment and setting the intention to attract ‘good clients’ to you.

How do you structure a consultation? What can your clients expect from you? 

I send a form to be completed before the session and start with taking a full case history.  Treatment plans are very individualised. We then work out the best way forward with diet and herbal medicines and relaxation practices etc.  I will then spend the latter part of the session doing energy healing, channelling and working in the quantum realm.   We identify and clear limiting beliefs and activate the body’s innate healing potential.  The great thing is that it works just as well online as it does in person.   I really try and give great service and make the client feel heard and supported.  My intention is they do not feel they are alone and in the wilderness on their health journey. I want them to feel I am their health and wellbeing guide, advocate, ally and champion.  I’m conscious of managing expectations, I’m careful not to over promise amazing results.  Years ago, I remember seeing a very well known naturopath in Sydney for acne and being told it would clear up beautifully in one month.  It was completely unrealistic and I lost faith immediately.  I dress reasonably smartly too and aim to be professional.    

Do you have any tips for practitioners? 

  • Yes, back yourself!  Confidence is so important. It’s really important that your clients believe in you.  You can always do the research on conditions, supplements, doses etc  to feel more confident.  People heal themselves, so if they believe in you they will trust in the healing process.   The therapeutic relationship is key.  If you have a good relationship with your clients then that’s half the job done.  
  • Be reliable and punctual! Answer emails within 24 hours where possible.
  • It’s really important to have strong boundaries with clients, be clear with what is expected of them re: cancellation policies, amount and methods of contact etc   I dislike using texts or Whats App for clinic and find it easier to keep all communication on one platform (email) so I am clear this is the preferred communication method.  Do what works for you.
  • Target who you really want to work with. At first I said yes to every client who approached me as I wanted to help everyone.  Now I know who my niche is and find it easier to work with those who ‘get’ how I work as it is unconventional.  It is essential clients are open to and on board with your methods and way of working. People have to be responsible for themselves in their healing and resonate with you and your protocols.
  • Let go of any attachments to outcomes.  Trust that everyone is exactly where they need to be. 
  • Remain compassionately detached.  It is essential we don’t take on the problems of others.  Often I manifest a client’s symptoms before I see them!  For example, my eyes may start to hurt and a client will come in with an eye issue that wasn’t mentioned on the form.  Thankfully they subside after the session.  I know that it is because I am a sensitive empath so I have to be extra vigilant with boundaries both physically and energetically. 
  • Self-care can be easily forgotten when you’re busy.  Look after your own health by not overbooking your day, taking time off and prioritising your wellbeing.  The way I work demands a lot from me so I am careful not to see too many people in one day and usually factor in a break between clients.  The cliche ‘you can’t give from an empty cup’ means we are responsible for filling our own cup with nourishing and nurturing practices (and filling our glass occasionally with a delicious drop of something nice!)
  • Don’t sell yourself short.  Price yourself appropriately and value your service.  When starting out, you can give discounts or do swaps with friends etc. but ensure there is some kind of energy exchange.  
  • Most importantly enjoy what you do!  If something you are doing doesn’t feel the right fit for you, then don’t do it.  Specialise in something else, increase your skill set, do what feels effortless and easy for you. Don’t be frightened to be different. It is our uniqueness that differentiates us from others … so let it shine! ūüĆü

About Kirsty:

Kirsty Lander is a naturopath with a difference who can help you to create¬†transformational,¬†quantum shifts in your health and wellbeing.¬† Fully qualified in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, BodyTalk, Kinesiology and Homoeopathy. With numerous years of experience, including seven years lecturing¬†at one of Australia’s¬†leading Natural Therapy Colleges,¬† she has found by implementing her unique healing style and assisting clients to become empowered in their healing journey, the results can be magical.¬† Kirsty has overcome many personal health issues and her life changing, healing philosophies and techniques, come through¬†both personal and clinical experience, tradition, science and intuitive guidance. In taking a fully comprehensive¬†approach to your health concerns,¬† you can create the real change you are looking¬†for.¬† ¬†

If you would like to get in touch with Kirsty you can head to her website or email her.