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The Herbalist has been with us for more than 7,000 years. Herbalists are practitioners of Naturopathic medicine which leverages the power of plant-based medicines to alleviate a variety of common health problems. While the concept and goal of Naturopathic medicine has not changed over the millennia, today’s herbalist is able to take advantage of everything learned during that time. The result is a focused, effective method of attaining overall wellbeing without subjecting your body to a barrage of drug treatments, which themselves are likely to cause serious side effects.

What Does the Herbalist in Cambridge Do?

Herbalists believe that modern medicine places too much emphasis on drugging symptoms into submission rather than looking for and treating the causes of illness. Therefore, when you visit a Herbalist in Cambridge he or she is likely to ask as many questions about your diet as they are about the details of your condition. They may also engage you in a conversation about your lifestyle choices, as these are often the spark that sets illness in motion. Should the Herbalist prescribe medication for you said medication is just as likely to address the underlying cause of your condition, as it is symptoms of the condition itself.

How Do I Find An Herbalist?

In a world where Western medical practice is so prevalent, it can be difficult to find a qualified, professional Herbalist. In order to simplify and speed up the process for you, we have developed the ANP Practitioner Directory which you can use to find certified Herbalists near you in Cambridge.

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Amanda Newman BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine

Address: 47 Bancroft, Hitchin, UK

Practitioner: Health Coach, Herbalist

Specialism: Digestive, Fatigue, Weight Management

Appointments: In Person, Online

Email: newmansnaturalhealthcare@hotmail.com

Phone: 07948 296 013

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Julia Brosnan

Address: 19 High Street, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 6AZ, UK

Practitioner: Herbalist

Specialism: Digestive, Women's Health, Environmental Medicine

Appointments: In Person, Online, Phone

Website: https://www.juliaherbalist.co.uk

Email: juliakimd@hotmail.com

Phone: 07719008798

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