Drug-Herb-Nutrient Database

Written by Practitioners for Practitioners

A comprehensive, searchable reference for relevant contraindications

What is the DHN database

Drug-Herb-Nutrient is an authoritative and extensive database listing many natural health solutions (nutrients, herbs, supplements and other remedies) plus pharmaceuticals and their indications and contraindications.

The database was created to support clinical practice and learning for complementary and natural health practitioners and students.

It is an invaluable tool for the modern natural health practitioner, enabling you to quickly and safely verify recommendations being made to clients, taking into consideration the full picture, including any pharmaceuticals being taken. As a practitioner or student you are able to easily recommend the optimal, safe solution for your client.


Most clients we encounter in natural health practice, are taking pharmaceutical medication of some kind. The Drug-Herb-Nutrient database allows you to quickly assess the situation and recommend the best protocol for your client, in real time. It is a database of natural medicines and drugs that is structured to provide:

  • Accounts for multi-ingredient supplements for quicker interaction checking
  • Developed for UK practitioners by UK practitioners
  • Clear interaction guidance as to the action to be taken; both positive indications and possible contraindications
  • An outline of combinations known to have beneficial effects
  • The ability to assess the evidence for yourself and review the supporting research
  • Information on an unlimited class of content (Nutrients, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Supplements, Probiotics, Herbs, etc.)
  • An easy to navigate experience
  • Regulator-approved contraindications and indications for natural medicines
  • Ability to generate ingredients contraindicated and indicated for conditions
  • Access to content that has been published in Phytotherapy Desk Reference 4th edition; a valuable tool used by Herbalists and professionals
  • 8000+ PubMed citations
  • No affiliation to a supplement manufacturer or the pharmaceutical industry

“The ANP Database is more useful than other databases as it is written by UK practitioners for practitioners. It’s comprehensive and because it uses multi-ingredient products it’s more clinically relevant. It also includes information that other resources do not”