Natural Chef

A Natural Chef creates meals that focus on the nutritional and therapeutic value of whole, organic, fresh, and minimally processed foods procured in season. As no single dietary regime is appropriate for everyone, a Natural Chef will use food that is individualised to enhance the health and well-being of that specific person’s needs.

What is a Natural Chef?

The Natural Chef follows what Hippocrates said in 460 BC, “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. Therefore, good food, correctly prepared according to the constitution of a person, promotes health, whereas junk food damages health. A Natural Chef focuses on the purpose of eating which is to feed cells and organs with the nutrients they need to function well and stay healthy. They do not use junk foods and drinks. Toxic substances within foods create havoc on the body and cause diseases such as diabetes, overweight, low energy, hormonal problems, rheumatism, skin diseases, a weak immune system, cardiovascular diseases etc. The Natural Chef focuses on:

  • The nutritional value of fresh whole / organic food, GMO-free, minimally processed and procured in season.
  • No single dietary regime being appropriate for everyone.
  • Combining food correctly to improve health benefits.
  • Avoiding coffee, alcohol, synthetic sweeteners, stir-fried foods, heavy proteins such as soya, too much meat.
  • Recommending drinking before meals, not during meals.
  • Knowing that most desserts disturb digestion.
  • Recommending a maximum of 3 meals a day and not snacking.
  • Keeping plastics and toxic cleaning products out of the kitchen.

The Natural Chef knows how the body works, what the stages of digestion are and what organs of the body contribute to the digestive process. Well-trained in nutrition, the Natural Chef combines food correctly to make sure nutrients are utilised to their optimum level. The Natural Chef avoids the use of plastic wherever possible and uses natural / non-toxic cleaning products. A Natural Chef kitchen has little waste as all parts of the food are utilised. Natural Chef meals are not only delicious gourmet meals and most nutritious, but also look good, taste phenomenal and are not necessarily expensive.

What does a Natural Chef do?

A Natural Chef creates and prepares delicious gourmet meals that focus on nutritional value. Whole, organic, fresh, and minimally processed foods are procured in season. A Natural Chef will use food that is individualised to enhance the needs of a specific person in terms of health and well-being as no single dietary regime is appropriate for everyone. The focus of the Natural Chef is on the therapeutic value of food.

Natural Chef
What is a Natural Chef?

How do Natural Chefs work?

Natural Chefs can be hired for personalised meal planning, recipe development, one-off events or for various catering services. Depending on specific needs, Natural Chefs will usually work either in restaurants, cafés or as personal chefs.

The Natural Chef qualification.

The Natural Chef is well-trained in how the body and the digestive system work, understanding the power of food towards health, the immune system, mental health, brain health, sleep, and overall well-being. The Natural Chef’s kitchen techniques preserve nutrients, the use of oils does not produce damaging free radicals and food is utilised which supports the individual constitution and the individual state of health.

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