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The primary function of the ANP is to assist its members in maintaining the highest standard of competence. It offers a wide range of benefits to its members and safe, competent, well-trained professionals for the public.

Member Benefits

CPD’s & Webinars

Regular seminars, webinars and workshops to keep your professional skills up to date.

Practitioner Tools

Templates, policies, insurances, GDPR; all you need to run a successful clinic.

Support & Advice

Support and advice for students, graduates and qualified professionals.

Contraindications Database

The only comprehensive natural therapies database built by practitioners for practitioners.

Upcoming Webinars & Events

10th February 2024 – 9:30am (London)

Fragrant Herbal Pharmacy Principles & Practice

This event aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of aromatic medicinal herbs and their modern therapeutic applications, including their historical significance. It covers the chemistry of aromatic molecules and herbal ingredients, explaining their healing properties. Participants will also learn herb extraction principles and how to craft herbal medicines.

27th February – 6:30pm

Innovative Therapies for Osteoporosis, Cancer and Chronic Disease

In the dynamic field of naturopathic medicine, the quest for versatile, highly effective therapies is ongoing. This webinar will introduce members to an innovative new therapy (AIC) they can implement across their practice to improve their client’s health and longevity.

5th March 2024 – 6:30pm (Bristol)

The oral & GI microbiome and women’s health: A bidirectional relationship

In this presentation, we will explore the dynamics of the microbiome during this life stage and discuss evidence-based live bacteria strains as key strategies to support healthy pregnancy outcomes.

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