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The Herbalist is a practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine. Naturopathic medicine is the oldest form of medicine and uses the immense power of plant-based compounds to treat scores of common health issues. The goals and methods of Naturopathic Medicine have remained largely unchanged over the centuries. However, it is a dynamic practice in that Herbalists are always willing to incorporate new knowledge into their work to make it even more efficacious. As a result, a contemporary Herbalist in Glasgow utilises the best of both traditional knowledge and leading-edge science to provide an effective alternative to the Western fixation with pharmaceuticals.

What Does a Herbalist in Glasgow Do?

There is no doubt that Western medicine does some things exceedingly well. However, in many cases, patients are simply prescribed powerful pharmaceuticals designed to do little more than bludgeon symptoms into submission, while leaving the root cause of the health problem unaddressed. The Herbalist takes a more holistic approach to healthcare that includes examining the patient's diet and lifestyle choices, sleep habits, sources of stress and more. As such you may find the Herbalist spends as much time discussing these things with you as they do discussing your symptoms. In the end, any herbal medicine they prescribe will likely address both symptoms and underlying causes.

How Can I Find An Herbalist?

We understand it can be difficult to find qualified herbalists near you in Glasgow. To address that situation we have compiled the ANP Practitioner Directory. The Directory allows you to enter your location and, within seconds, find numerous qualified Herbalists in your vicinity.

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Angela MacRitchie

Address: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Practitioner: Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutritional Therapy


Appointments: In Person, Online, Phone



Phone: 07717186647

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