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Herbalists are practitioners of naturopathic medicine, the oldest form of medicine known to man. Herbal medicine has been with us for more than 7,000 years and today is trusted by millions of people worldwide who rely on it to obtain relief from health problems and achieve a higher level of overall wellbeing. The Manchester herbalist treats everything from digestive disorders to migraines, skin conditions, allergies, stress, arthritis and more.

What Do Herbalists in Manchester Do?

Herbalists provide a viable alternative to mainstream, pill-oriented medicine. The herbalist will not try and drug you into good health. Instead, they will examine your dietary habits and other aspects of your life in order to determine the underlying cause of your condition. Depending on that condition, some may conduct a clinical examination, although that is not generally required. Once they have ascertained the cause of your problem they may prescribe a plant-based herbal remedy.

Where Do I Find Herbalists?

There are many highly-trained, qualified herbalists in Manchester, although finding them is not as easy as it might seem. In order to facilitate your search, we have compiled the ANP Practitioner Directory you see below. It contains the names of the most highly regarded naturopathic professionals in your area.

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Victoria McCann

Address: 36 Oxford Road, Altrincham, UK

Practitioner: Herbalist

Specialism: General Health and Wellbeing

Appointments: In Person

Website: http://www.OxfordRoadClinic.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0161 941 1333 / 07905542659

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Debra Baker

Address: Beverley, UK

Practitioner: Herbalist, Naturopath

Specialism: Digestive, General Health and Wellbeing, Mental Health and Cognition

Appointments: In Person, Online

Website: http://www.findthethyme.com

Email: [email protected]

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