The ANP Business Club

Introducing The ANP Business Club

Take your business to the next level!

Whether you are planning to start a business or have been in practice for some time, The ANP Business Club helps you to get more clients to fulfil your dream of making a living by improving people’s health.

Too many therapists fail because they don’t know how to set up and expand their clinic. This is why The ANP Business Club has been established so you can learn from experienced practitioners.

Sessions start Tuesday 23rd of April at 6:30 pm and run weekly..

Get more Clients

Learn the tools you need to market your business and sell your services to new clients and customers.

Streamline and Save Time

Start working smarter, not harder when it comes to getting your business off the ground and creating more sales.

Grow and Monetize

Learn how to grow and monetize your audience, create more income streams that your clients want to invest in.

Why enrol in The ANP Business Club?

The Business Club is the membership for you if you’re a practitioner or coach, looking for mentorship when it comes to setting up, starting and growing a successful clinic.

This membership is unlike any other business mentorship programme on the market.

Why join?

  • Weekly workshops in everything from how to attract consistent clients into your business, content creation and delivering workshops/talks
  • Guest experts sharing their knowledge and expertise
  • Community group where you can ask questions, get support and connect with peers.
  • Practical resources to help you with everything from technology for the backend of your business, how to structure discovery calls and how to get referrals
  • Get long term accountability and mentorship at an affordable monthly price

Sign up now – places are limited

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions you can also get in touch:

How much does it cost?

The cost of The ANP Business Club is £39 per month. This is a monthly subscription that you can opt into. If you start late, you can catch-up on all the recorded sessions with our key experts and industry leaders*. T&C apply.

T&C’s – By opting into The ANP Business Club, you are accepting our T&C’s.
The cost of The ANP Business Club is £39 per month. This payment will be taken from your nominated business card on file, and is non-refundable non-transferable. You must have an active membership to participate

Please note, this is a special launch price which will effective increase after approximately 2 months. Those who join The ANP Business Club after the launch period will be paying a higher fee. You can cancel or opt out of The ANP Business Club at any time by giving us 1 months’ notice to cancel your subscription.

Is there any homework?

We want you to get the most out of your business training and give 100% so you can succeed in clinical practice.  As such there might be a small amount of homework tasks, readings and activities throughout the training so you can apply all of the learnings to your own business concept and clinic.

Is this open to student members of ANP?

Yes – the ANP Business Club is open to students who want to get ahead in setting up their practice.

Can I have 1-2-1 sessions with a mentor?

Yes some of our mentees also choose to work 121 with a mentor. We have secured discounted prices to make this accessible for as many people as possible. If you would like information about this, please contact

How do I sign up?

You can enrol at any time on the sign-up link. Places are limited.

Do I get access to my mentor outside of the sessions?

Yes you will be able to ask the mentor questions whilst the programme is running. We will have a dedicated facebook group page set up for this.

What practitioners are saying about us..

I have paid for a number of business coaching courses since qualifying summer last year, but Stephanie is an absolutely fantastic mentor and I have almost learned as much from her as I have done from the courses that have cost me hundreds of pounds. The reason she is so fantastic is because she is passionate about spreading the word about how diet and lifestyle can turn health around, she is extremely knowledgeable, she knows what does and what doesn’t work, she is experienced and – what puts her above any mentor I have heard speak – is how utterly inspirational she is. She is able to motivate and inspire and could honestly make a living just being a motivational speaker. She is warm, genuine and funny and I am SO very pleased and grateful I signed up and was given her as a mentor. Thank you!

Julia Witherspoon (ANP member)

Pricing Options

  • Weekly workshops
  • Direct contact with our mentors
  • Practical actionable advice
  • Handouts & Recording
  • Access to a dedicated closed Facebook group monitored by Sarah

Sessions start Tuesday 23rd and run weekly. 

£39 per month*

Places are subject to availability
*T&C’s apply


Meet the Mentors

Sarah Elisabeth – mANP, mGNC

Sarah Elisabeth is a Health & Nutrition Coach, specializing in women’s hormonal health. She has hundreds of national and international clients helping them to reclaim their health and address hormonal imbalances. Her philosophy is that education around how female bodies and hormones work, is the key to optimal health, and with optimal health you become unstoppable.

Her passion for empowering clients to find health came after years of her own struggles with her relationship with food, hormonal and gut imbalances that took over her life. She eventually found that more restriction and punishment wasn’t the answer, but learning to add nourishment both on and off the plate was the key to a sustainable healthy life. Her work spans from corporate workshops, to 1:1 work, mentoring practitioners and sitting on the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.

Her background before becoming a therapist was in marketing and sales, where she could follow her passion for creating, growing and scaling businesses.

Sarah says: “I don’t believe in word of mouth or luck”. I want to be the driver causing my business to grow. There are certain things one has to do and there are traps one has to avoid too. Knowing your therapeutics is 50% to success. Let me show the other 50% which is business skills.

Wherever you are on your journey

Our ANP Business Club is designed to support your specific needs.


Just Starting Out


Growing Your Practice


Bespoke Support

Join now and see the benefits that mentoring can bring to your practice.

100% of survey respondents felt that mentoring was an important part of their ANP membership.