Events & Webinars

In- Person Events

15th – 16th June – 9:30am (London)

Homeobotanical Post Graduate Practitioner Course

By Deborah Kerslake

Homeobotanicals are liquid herbal remedies, specifically designed to target the body’s organs and systems using homoeopathic principles. They seamlessly integrate with other healing modalities and cover a wide range of conditions. Post-graduate Homeobotanical Training provides a comprehensive curriculum covering history, vibrational medicine, dynamic nutrition, and acute and chronic prescribing.

27th June – 12:30pm (Online)

Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating and Neurodiversity Mentoring (3-Part Practitioner Mentoring Series)

By Lisa Smith

Lisa, co-founder of NEDDE Training, is an ANP Reg Nutritionist specializing in functional nutrition. Her individualized approach emphasizes client needs over predefined protocols, considering factors like environment, genetics, and lifestyle for holistic well-being beyond conventional dietary guidelines.

9th October – 6:30pm (London)

Environmental Medicine Update & Optimising Bone Health

By Joe Pizzorno and Lara Pizzorno

We are delighted to announce a special evening with leading Naturopath Dr. Joe Pizzorno and his wife Lara Pizzorno. Join us for an exclusive event, as both discuss their key specialisms, applying the clinical considerations from their experience and expertise.

16th November – 9:30am (London)

First Aid at Work Course

By Biba Boele

This one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course is ideal for people who need to receive training in First Aid.  The course combines theory and practical skills and techniques in an engaging, interactive learning programme and meets the needs of the Health and Safety (first aid) Regulations 1981 and the new guidelines set out by the HSE in October 2013.


13th June – 6:30pm

Restoring Health in GI – Beyond Antimicrobials and Diet

By Dr. Blake Myers

This webinar will discuss the basics of GI Candida overgrowth and provide a holistic clinical strategy to help these patients restore and maintain health, beyond only treating Candida itself.

20th June – 1.00pm

GI & Diverticulitis

By Sara Treffert

Join Sara Treffert in this informative mentoring session on the gastrointestinal system. Learn tools to support clients who present with poor digestion, with a special focus on diverticulitis.

3rd July – 10:00am

Using Medicinal Mushrooms in Clinical Practice for Cognitive Health and Understanding the Role of Ergothioneine

By Lee Carroll

Expert herbalist Lee Carroll will be talking about the use of medicinal mushrooms for cognitive decline. Lee will be sharing cutting-edge research on ergothioneine a potent amino acid found in mushrooms and its role in brain health. Learn how to confidently use mushrooms in clinical practice for cognitive health and understand the science behind the solutions.

19th September – 1.00pm

Coaching in Cancer Care

By Isabel Galiano

Introducing a CPD webinar with Isabel Galiano, a resilient survivor of cancer who also became a certified cancer coach. With over 15 years of triumph, Isabel brings invaluable insights from her personal journey. Drawing from almost a decade of coaching experience, she offers hope and resilience to cancer patients. Join us to glean wisdom from her unique perspective.

Mentoring Hub

30th May – 1.00pm

Coaching in the NHS

By Danielle Lawes

Join us for an insightful mentoring session on ‘Coaching in the NHS’ tailored exclusively for our health coach members. NHS Health Coach and Sleep Expert Danielle Lawes will share insights on the recruitment process, career opportunities and perks of working as a Health Coach within the NHS. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your coaching practice and make a lasting impact in healthcare.

6th June – 6.30pm

Vaccines: Research, Clinical Considerations & working with clients

By Dr. Sarah Myhill

This session will discuss the various childhood vaccinations and more current covid injections, covering the research and clinical considerations for working with clients. Dr Myhill will also cover spike protein mitigation, reactions and damage.

19th June – 1.00pm

Finding Your First Clients

By Linda Vezzoli

Are you ready to take the first step towards launching your successful practice? Join us for this exclusive mentoring session. This is your chance to gain invaluable insights and strategies tailored specifically for existing health coaches who are eager to kickstart their client base.

26th September – 1.00pm

Stress Adaptive Response

By Anna Pugh

Join us for a mentoring session exploring how both short- and long-term stressors affect our health. Learn how to accurately measure our adaptive stress response and develop targeted strategies to support resilience.

16th October – 6.30pm

The Infectious State in Chronically Ill People

By Dr Chris Cheblowski

Clinical herbalist, naturopath and homeopath Dr Chris Cheblowski will be sharing his unique approach to infection and the terrain.  He will be covering how to determine the current state of someone’s terrain and using herbs and homeopathic remedies to find support the terrain of the body so that patients are no longer a host to infectious pathogens.

24th October – 1.00pm

The Future of Professional Healthcare Regulation

By Virginia Blake

This session is an informal virtual meet-up with our head of communications to discuss the projects and actions The ANP has taken to protect and support our membership base. The session will focus on what regulation and voluntary regulation is, and the future of professional healthcare regulation for natural medicine.

6th November – 6.30pm

The Trick about Dosing

By Lise Wolff

Come join a 30-year veteran of herbal practice Lise Wolff to discuss concepts around dosing, with real, practical advice to get the most effect with your clients. Did you know herbs cause what they cure and cure what they cause? Join Lise and hear a perspective that very well might change the way you practice with clients.

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