Experienced Naturopathic Herbalists in London

A herbalist is a practitioner of naturopathic medicine who is expert at prescribing plant-based medicines to address an array of health problems. Herbal medicine is the oldest known type of medicine practised by humans. It has been with us for at least 7,000 years, and likely far longer. Today’s naturopathic herbalist in London uses all those centuries of experience and accumulated wisdom to formulate herbal remedies that will enhance overall health and address pressing issues.

What Does the Herbalist Do?

Unlike much of today’s mainstream medicine, herbal medicine places a premium on prevention. Therefore, when you visit a herbalist in London they are likely to spend as much time talking about your diet and lifestyle choices as they are about any particular health condition. Any medication the herbalist prescribes is equally likely to address the short term concern and provide long term benefits.

Where Do I Find An Herbalist?

While experienced, professional herbalists are relatively common in some parts of the world, finding one near you in London is not always easy. Not to worry, however. We have compiled a comprehensive list we call the ‘ANP Practitioner Directory’ that will help put you in touch with a herbalist in your area.