Professional Nutritional Therapists in Essex

Nutritional therapy has been with us since the dawn of civilization and today is more effective than ever before. Nutritional therapists are trained to identify and address the dietary issues that are at the heart of so many of today’s most common health problems. That these issues are routinely ignored by mainstream medicine (less than 15% of routine doctor visits in Essex ever include a discussion about nutrition) is an appalling fact. But one that can be corrected by a visit to the nutritional therapist.

What Does the Nutritional Therapist in Essex Do?

Nutritional Therapy is firmly grounded in science and seeks to expose the dietary shortcomings at the root of so many common health issues. It is no secret that the contemporary diet has taken a turn for the unhealthy, leading to an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and all manner of chronic health problems. A nutritional therapist seeks to right the ship of wellbeing by addressing dietary shortfalls (or excesses, or both), and also shining a light on other lifestyle choices that may be undermining a person’s physical, mental and emotional state. Use the directory below to find a nutritional therapist near you.