Professional Nutritional Therapists in London

Nutritional therapy is as old as civilization itself. For example: archaeological digs in Egypt have uncovered stone tablets dating back more than 3,500 years that contain recipes for nutritional therapies intended to combat what we know today as ‘scurvy’. The modern nutritional therapist uses well-established principles to address specific health complaints, while also helping clients achieve a higher degree of overall health through better nutrition.

Nutritional Therapy in London: How it Works

The principle aim of a nutritional therapist is to identify the underlying nutritional deficiency that is causing or exacerbating a particular condition. Once that has been established, the nutritional therapist recommends a dietary course of action that typically includes whole foods which contain the proper nutrients and, in some cases, dietary supplements. Various lifestyle choices may also be addressed if there is evidence they are contributing to the client’s ill-health.

Who Needs a Nutritional Therapist?

Contemporary Western medicine typically defaults to pharmaceutical responses to problems, regardless of their cause. Anyone interested in exploring a less punishing form of health care should consider seeking the advice of a nutritional therapist in London. If you don’t know any, consider one of the outstanding, proven professionals listed below.