ANP Practitioners can provide support to patients

ANP was delighted to host noted Immunologist, Geneticist and Published Author Peter H. Kay for a workshop on Nutrition, Genetics and Cancer.

Peter H. Kay began the day by addressing practitioners with a message on the importance of engaging with clients who approach them with a diagnosis of Cancer: “You [practitioners] are so important. You are perfectly placed to give real, life-changing advice and information to patients. You have the time, the knowledge and the opportunity to positive affect the trajectory of their experience and I cannot express enough how important it is that you engage with these topics and get out there and help people.”

This talk was organised by the ANP in response to a growing number of enquiries from Nutritional Therapy and Herbal members. The number of people seeking advice from practitioners is rising. Like many conditions and treatments, dietary and lifestyle support from a practitioner is of immense value to the suffering person.

As the Cancer landscape changes and develops, the need for constantly updated training and information for nutrition professionals’ increase. In order to support practitioners and their clients, the ANP has organised a series of talks from field leaders in Nutrition and Cancer to deliver training.

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