Molecular Hydrogen – Why Has It Taken So Long to Discover Its Therapeutic Benefits?

Over the last couple of years there has been a lot more interest in what Molecular Hydrogen can offer for health recovery and for our daily energy levels.  The last 2 decades have seen a significant increase in the body of published research and this is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years, due to the positive results of preliminary research. 

Inflammation is the underlying cause of much of the current plague of degenerative diseases. Whether it be cardio vascular disease, digestive tract problems, respiratory problems and of course cancers, then inflammation will be present. Inflammation may be the cause or consequence. That is why people are encouraged to eat plenty of antioxidant foods or if necessary supplement. 

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is now showing a lot of promise as an antioxidant. It has size on its side. Being tiny it is able to access parts of the body where larger antioxidant molecules such as Vitamin C or Glutathione cannot go. This brings huge potential benefits for improved wellbeing. 

Will This Be The Answer to Many Health Challenges?

In a recently published scientific paper ( ) the scientists involved had this to say in their conclusion. 

H2 administration is a promising therapeutic option for the treatment of a variety of diseases. This article reviewed current medical research progress with respect to H2, including its unique properties, possible mechanisms of action, delivery methods, applications in animal models and clinical trials, and future applications in the field. Although important questions remain unanswered, H2-based therapies show great promise as novel and innovative tools to prevent and treat human ailments that are currently major health burdens globally. A better understanding of H2 pharmacokinetics and biological mechanisms of action will no doubt advance this important molecule in clinical applications.

It can often take years or even decades for scientific advances to find their way into medical practice and many of them never see the light of day. That is particularly so when it comes to maintaining health, after all the money is in disease management not in health management.

However with molecular hydrogen people can experience some of the benefits now. H2 will selectively neutralise selective oxidative stress molecules particularly the Hydroxy molecule (OH).  The by product of neutralisation is water. 

A healthy gut microbiome will produce a certain amount of H2 which is beneficial to our health.  With so much disruption to microbiomes this is often limited. However there are a number of ways that everyone can get the benefits of H2 into our bodies. The commonest available are :

  1. Drinking Hydrogen Rich Water. 

2. Inhalation

3. Using Tablets that are dissolved in water. 

All these methods have merit, the difference in application is primarily dependent on the requirement.  If people are looking for higher levels then inhalation or using tablets that release molecular hydrogen is the best option. Drinking hydrogen rich water is beneficial for everyday health maintenance. 

Extensive Research in Multiple Areas Showing Very Positive Preliminary Results. 

The primary source of information on molecular hydrogen is  This resource was set up by scientists in the field. The web site  maintains a detailed reference list of all the studies on molecular hydrogen, along with other relevant articles. The following comment from their web site gives a flavour of the areas where human studies have been, or are being carried out. 

“Although the research on hydrogen looks promising in the cell or animal models, more long-term clinical trials are required to confirm its efficacy in humans . There are only a total of 40 human studies; few are in a double-blinded placebo controlled randomised fashion with sufficient subject numbers. A few of these clinical studies suggest that ingestion of hydrogen-rich water was beneficial for metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and hyper-lipidemia . Another 1-year placebo-control clinical study suggested that hydrogen-rich water is beneficial for Parkinsons disease, while other clinical studies suggest significant benefits for rheumatoid arthritis, mitochondrial dysfunction, exercise performance, athletic recovery time, wound healing, reductions of oxidative stress from chronic hepatitis, improvements to blood flow, and periodontitis, in dialysis, and also the quality of life in patients receiving radiotherapy for tumours and others.

There have been an additional 15+ human studies completed with promising results, which are in the process of manuscript preparation and publication through the peer-reviewed process. More human studies are required to determine proper dosage, timing, method of administration, and for which diseases, and potentially genotypes, hydrogen is most effective. Hydrogen is still in its infancy, and more data is required before we can scientifically claim any real benefit, but the preliminary data is intriguing. The research on disease models, mechanisms of action, and clinical studies are particularly relevant because the high safety profile of molecular hydrogen make it a superior choice.”

Molecular Hydrogen – Helping to Boost Energy Levels.

One area where many clients are feeling the benefit is in enhanced energy levels, particularly when they have been struggling to overcome excessive fatigue after viral infections.

At Water for Health we have been supplying water products that release molecular hydrogen for a number of years. Research on molecular hydrogen has been further ahead in the Far East, particularly in Japan and Korea and many of our water products originate from there. The Energy Plus Undersink Filter, the Biocera Jug and several other products release molecular hydrogen into the filtered water, giving you a regular infusion of this helpful antioxidant each time you drink a glass of water.  

Hydrotabs are tablets that you dissolve in a glass of water and drink. Hydrotabs are a good starting place giving a high strength infusion of this powerful antioxidant. You can take up to 4 tablets per day although the majority of people only take 1 or 2.  The optimum solution is to drink water with a molecular hydrogen content and supplement if necessary with a Hydrotab to give yourself a boost.  

Water for Health are committed to introducing innovative natural solutions to improve hydration and nutrition. As far as water is concerned we understand that it is not just important to remove contaminants from water to improve its health promoting properties but rather to provide water that is clean with antioxidant properties and good structure. Water that has got life in it. 

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