Kirsten Davidson – Health Coach

I am Kristen, a qualified Naturopathic Health Coach from the College of Naturopathic Medicine and a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.

My coaching practice supports weight loss surgery clients before, during and after their procedure, focusing on nutrition to nourish and enrich their body to gain health and vitality and coaching through the positive and negative life changes they face as they lose weight.  

Over the past three years, I have studied and worked with clients to understand what they need to make their weight loss surgery a permanent success whilst also benefitting from good health inside and out.

I can see the world lost in focusing on mirror images and selfies. You cannot escape this world as it infiltrates every area of our lives. Influencers recommend the latest make-up trend to what looks delicious on a plate from an air fryer, everyone wanting visual attention. Look at me, and don’t I look fabulous? Look at this; doesn’t it look delicious? This mindset is very evident in those who have had a gastric sleeve.

Gastric sleeve weight loss clients have tiny tummies, but the human body still demands the right amount of vitamins and minerals to work properly. After eating incorrectly for many years, even a lifetime, to suddenly being able only to eat tiny food overnight, it is hard to stop what you’ve always done. You must find ways to eat what you love but in small amounts. 

As you lose weight, your clothes become loose, and you can’t stop looking at the mirror and taking photos as the weight drops. Weight loss is fantastic, and so it should be, weight loss surgery is a tool, and this is life-changing for those who have been overweight most of their lives.  

I was overweight since childhood, and the weight continued in my teens. I tried every diet, and I tried hard to lose weight. Finally, five years ago, I had the gastric sleeve fitted, and looking back, this decision was easy for me, although the journey has been a challenge.

One of my realisations that not all was working well was when my hair started falling out, and becoming tired and lack of energy. I was nutrient deficient, which is very common after weight loss surgery. I took it upon myself to create a food plan of meals that I could eat that was healthy, natural, balanced and nutritious. I started to cook more homemade meals, and if I was going out to take homemade packed food, I could eat again. For anyone who doesn’t know about weight loss surgery, if you don’t chew properly or eat too fast, food gets stuck, which is painful and unpleasant. My energy levels started to bounce back, and my hair grew back again.  

I have written and published a book on Amazon about how to eat, with simple tips and plans on what to avoid in restaurants and what to order, plus how to deal with food when travelling, eating out with friends and helping readers to look forward and not back at old eating habits.

My world became caught up in the value of eating well. I could see the benefits and feel the benefits. Then, I started my company in 2020, guiding and supporting those who reached out and wanted to know more about eating correctly and feeling well internally. Towards the end of 2021, I realised I needed to learn more about natural nutrition and how it works within the human body. I evaluated many courses, but the one that stuck out was the CNM Health Coach. This course was structured perfectly for my needs and my clients. The module elements were interesting and relevant for everyone looking to increase well-being in themselves and others.

So, I spent 2022 spent studying, learning and putting into practice eating a naturopathic diet. The food in my cupboards and kitchen has changed from packets and instant foods to whole grains, live yoghurt, turmeric and an abundance of fresh vegetables and grass-fed organic meat. 

I make time to home-cook food that works for my needs. My husband has more than benefitted from my learning, and I can help those around me to see that there is no magic pill to cure most issues that give us problematic symptoms. Looking after ourselves internally with good food and exercise produces a positive and radiant outward vision, which I call “mirror magic”.

We should all be living in a world of naturopathic health. It’s become my way of living. Reaching clients to understand and believe in this world can take time and effort. Having a narrative that explains the learning and workings of the body with natural foods versus processed foods is where I start. 

You can bombard people with information overload, so make small changes gradually, bring in new ways to cook, make mealtimes special, and learn how the body absorbs food and what it does to you inside. Build a storybook of their own. Nothing changes overnight. No one can adopt an entirely new way to eat within a week. Diets fail, but adapting an eating pattern over time combined with natural learning and understanding can be sustainable and long-lasting.  

Being a member of the ANP has allowed me access to a wealth of informative information I can learn and share with my clients, giving me more helpful knowledge to improve their health.  

Over the last two years, and utilising my new knowledge of naturopathic eating and well-being, my overall health has improved considerably; this includes my mental and physical health. I am certainly calmer and enjoying life, as this is the purpose of living. Now I can coach those who need a helping to gain inner strength for a stronger, healthier body and mind.